Greetings from the Excite Physiotherapy office in Barrie, Ontario! As Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy we have competed years of post graduate training to better assess and treat a wide range of complaints – we will share some of the things we have learned here in our blog.

Overtraining or under-recovering?

Overtraining or under-recovery? Your time spent away from the gym or sport is important for peak performance and injury prevention. • Proper Nutrition & Hydration: Eat whole-foods, avoid processed food, and drink plenty of water • Sleep Quality & Quantity: Aim for...

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Let’s Talk Nutrition

Let's talk nutrition. As a Registered Physiotherapist in Barrie, Ontario. I am able to provide nutrition counselling in the form of Canada's Food Guide. Until recently this was very limited, however the Guide has been updated to reflect current healthy eating...

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My First Blog Post

My first blog post. How exciting. Greetings from my little Physiotherapy office in Barrie. I thought I would talk a little about heel pain. It’s a very common occurrence and all too commonly misdiagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. Common complaints include morning pain,...

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