Intramuscular Stimulation - Dry Needling Therapy

Intramuscular Stimulation

Intramuscular stimulation (IMS), sometimes known as intramuscular needling, can be an effective treatment for chronic nerve pain, when other treatments have failed. At Excite Physio in Barrie, we often see patients with chronic pain that have seen many other practitioners and tried other therapies. They may even have tried “IMS” or other dry needling techniques before at other clinics.

What sets us apart at Excited Physiotherapy is that we get great results by utilizing our experience, expertise and a variety of treatment techniques. IMS can be an effective treatment for acute and chronic pain of neuropathic or nerve origin, when done by experts.

What Types of Issues Can IMS Help With?

Intramuscular Stimulation can be helpful in addressing a variety of musculoskeletal issues and conditions. Some of the most common issues that IMS can help with include:

  1. Chronic muscle tension and pain
  2. Myofascial pain syndrome
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Sports injuries
  5. Neck and back pain
  6. Headaches and migraines
  7. Sciatica
  8. Repetitive strain injuries
  9. Postural problems
  10. Joint pain and dysfunction

IMS is often used as a treatment method to relieve muscle tightness, improve range of motion, reduce pain, and promote healing in individuals with these types of conditions with dry needling techniques.

How Does IMS Work?

IMS is a form of dry needling. “Dry” meaning nothing is injected. We use a fine, flexible needle that is often used for acupuncture.

After finding the root cause of your issue we will insert this needle into tight bands of a muscle caused by the nerve dysfunction. This releases the muscle and in turn calms the nerve, and allows the nerve and muscle to heal.

The goal of treatment is to release muscle shortening, which presses on and irritates the nerve. Supersensitive areas can be desensitized, and the persistent pull of shortened muscles can be released.

Intramuscular Needling is very effective for releasing shortened muscles under contracture, thereby causing mechanical pain from muscle pull. IMS, in effect, treats the underlying neuropathic condition that causes the pain.

When competently performed, intramuscular therapy has a remarkable success rate, as proven by the amelioration of symptoms and signs, even for chronic back pain with sciatic nerve referral.

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