Clinical Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a mindful practice of physical movement, breathing, relaxation and meditation aimed at improving health and happiness.

A yoga routine consists of low-impact exercises or poses, which are held for some time while focusing on proper deep breathing to increase strength, flexibility, balance, circulation and relaxation.

How can yoga therapy help?

Yoga can be used as a restorative and preventative practice, and is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, weight, flexibility or fitness.

Introducing a regular yoga therapy practice can assist with pain relief, stress management, athletic performance, respiration and vitality. 


Clinical Yoga therapy melds traditional yoga practices with medical physiotherapy treatment to utilize postures, breath work and meditation as part of your treatment plan.

A detailed assessment by one of our qualified Physiotherapists will help determine your individual needs.

Is yoga therapy right for you?

Working with Physiotherapy Assistants, we will design a program using Yoga to work on specific impairments that you may have.

We strive to have you moving better and feeling better. We will build a foundation and give you the confidence to carry out your Yoga practice when you graduate from treatment.

Come release your stress, and live a better life with clinical yoga therapy by Excite Physio in Barrie.



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