Ergonomics - Preventing Workplace Injury

Ergonomics focuses on designing and organizing things to ensure they are easy and safe for people to use. It is the scientific study making sure things work in a cohesive manner, whether in the workplace, at home, or in a public space. Doing so can lead to a much more comfortable, efficient and safe environment, and is crucial in preventing workplace injuries.

Workstation Ergonomics - Preventing Workplace Injuries

Ergonomics & Working from Home

One of the most common changes that we have seen in the last few years is the way that people work, and more specifically, the amount of people who now work from home, at least part time. Working from home means no travel, allowing you to enjoy more downtime that would normally be taken up by your commute. While there are many perks that come with working from home, your home office space may not be an ideal and/or safe working environment. 

How Can Excite Physiotherapy Help?

Excite Physiotherapy can help in the following ways:

Workstation Assessment

We can evaluate your workstation setup, whether at home or in the office, to ensure it promotes good posture and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal strain.


Ergonomic Assessment

We can teach you how to adjust your daily work habits to prevent injury. The adjustments can include proper lifting techniques and correct posture while working at your desk or workstation. We will also introduce you to ergonomic tools and equipment, that can assist in make these changes. We will also give you movement and stretching recommendations to do throughout your day.


Preventing Workplace Injuries Before They Happen

When we assess you working environment, our team of experts can identify potential ergonomic issues before they lead to an injury. These injuries can include repetitive strains, back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.


What if I am Already Injured?

Sometimes workplace injuries happen, especially as we get older. Our therapists can get you on the track to recovery, using treatments such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercises or intramuscular stimulation.

How Can Excite Physiotherapy Help?

When you come to Excite Physiotherapy for help, our team of physiotherapists and massage therapists will use their vast experience and knowledge to vastly improve you work setup and habits, leading to a much improved ergonomic setup. 
By taking these steps, you are moving toward a better, healthier and more productive work experience, in which you are comfortable and happy. Ensure that your work is not hindered by pain.


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