Let’s talk nutrition. As a Registered Physiotherapist in Barrie, Ontario. I am able to provide nutrition counselling in the form of Canada’s Food Guide. Until recently this was very limited, however the Guide has been updated to reflect current healthy eating practices. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I like to start with a salad, especially when i’m really hungry. This will help with overeating as I’m less hungry by the time I get to my main course. Choose protein that comes from plants more often, and eat lots of health fats while limiting saturated fats. One word: Avocado! Yum!

Limit highly processed food. Yes that means most fast food restaurants, and food that comes from a box. I recently watched a documentary called “In defence of food.” In it they describe the items in the centre aisles of the grocery store as  “food-like substances.” These items are highly processed and contain lots of sugar and preservatives.

Keep it simple: Eat mostly plants, not too much.

Make your drink of choice water. Even natural fruit juice contains a ton of sugar that we just don’t need. And if we consume more sugar than we need, our bodies are very good at storing it as fat.