My first blog post. How exciting. Greetings from my little Physiotherapy office in Barrie.

I thought I would talk a little about heel pain. It’s a very common occurrence and all too commonly misdiagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. Common complaints include morning pain, and pain after periods of inactivity. While the Plantar Fascia can become inflamed, other structures might also be at fault including the medial Plantar nerve or the fat pad. You could also look as far as the lumbar spine and hip as potential causes of heel pain. If your therapist hasn’t looked past the foot for potential causes of heel pain, it may be time to seek a Physiotherapist with advanced training such as the FCAMPT designation.

As Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy we have competed years of post graduate training to better assess and treat a wide range of complaints. That’s all for today, I hope I was able to help. – Christine Pratt , PT, FCAMPT, Gunn IMS